Last summer our little girl, Emily, was cuddled in bed next to us while she shared stories with her daddy about all the things that happened during the week while he was away. After the stories ended, she bounced up and grabbed his face with both hands and said, "Daddy! Will you take me on a pink date?" My husband gave me a curious glance hoping I could fill in the blanks of what he was missing, I could only shrug. I had never heard of a 'pink date'. With squished cheeks he replied, "sure baby, but tell daddy, what's a pink date?" Letting go of his face, she leaned in a gave him a kiss and she giggled and said, "you're being silly, daddy, you know what it is!" With one last kiss to his cheek, she hopped off the bed and ran to get dressed for her Pink Date. 

I helped her with her hair and even gave her some "lipstick" (minty chapstick) so she would feel extra special as she went out on her first daddy-daughter date. I had no idea where my husband was going to find something as pink and girly as our little one, but they made an adorable pair all dressed up! 

An hour later they returned and she was glowing with joy! She came into my craft room and said, "Mommy, I'm home! I had fun!!" I put down my scissors and asked her all about this Pink Date she had just been on. With sparkling eyes, she climbed up on my lap and said, "we had cupcakes, we colored, we read books, and we danced!" Surprised that all of that happened in such a short time I asked my husband where they went and he began to tell me how he had no idea where to go, so he just drove around for a bit and prayed, "God help me find something special for us to do!" Just then he was pulling up to a red light and as he waited he saw a cupcake store. You guessed it, a totally PINK cupcake store!! After going into the little shop, they found that the cupcake store had fun 40's-50's music playing, pink and white 50's decorations, cupcakes of every kind, tables with chalkboard tops, and a small corner with a vintage couch and a rack of books. They sat and talked about what to do for the rest of the weekend when one of her favorite songs came on they got up and danced together, and then finished the date by reading the book, "Oh The Places You'll Go." 

It is now something my husband tries to do monthly with her and every week she asks me how many days are left until the next, Pink Date! We spend the morning curling her hair, picking out her outfit, and she always asks for 'lipstick'. At noon, daddy starts the car and then comes back, knocks on the door and asks if he can please take Miss Emily on a date. Sometimes I wish I could go too, just to watch and hear the giggles, however, she's made it very clear that ONLY daddy's and Emily's can go. ;-) 

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