I read Noah’s testimony...I read Abraham’s testimony...I read David’s testimony...I read so many testimonies in the scripture and I find my heart left with a bittersweetness.

I can read the entire Bible’s worth of testimonies in less than a year. I can read anyone of the aforementioned testimonies in a matter of minutes. Yet, what I miss is the time...the waiting...

Abraham waited 100 years for Isaac. Nothing adequately conveys the reality of 100 years.

Do any of us really understand how long that is? Considering the average lifespan in the U.S is 78.74 years, I’d say no. Most of us won’t even live that long according to statistics.

I doubt when I don’t see instant results. I get scared when I don’t feel secure. I feel forgotten when prayers go unanswered. The reality is, I am a frail creature.

I forget that waiting doesn’t mean I’m forgotten. Waiting doesn’t mean I’ve sinned. Waiting doesn’t mean I’m lost. It means God is working in my life. He is creating something beautiful that I just can’t see yet.

On days that 100 years just seems too long, I recite God’s promises to myself. I claim those promises as my own and steadily, my doubting mind is eased.