As I think about our journey to parenthood, I think about so many others waiting on a child. I pray for you. I don't even know you, but I pray for you. I know it's hard when so many others just "fall" pregnant as if almost on accident. Don't lose hope though, okay? I'm cheering for you and someday we'll have babies to hold in our arms too.

My journey to parenthood has changed my view of the world. Everyone is doing their best to simply survive some days. When I see people who seem grumpy, distant, or just unhappy with the world, I'll take time to be a little more patient. I'll take time to offer hope. To offer a listening ear. To offer a hug. Sometimes I need you to be patient with me too, okay?

We all have a story. Some choose to share it, some don't know how. Let's just have a little grace and patience towards one another.

Sometime's I think that women with children don't know how to communicate and share with women who don't. There is this invisible wall between us. I think it's time we break it down. Starting by simply seeing the earth as the beautiful place it is, seeing people as more than their insecurities or fears, and being the kindness of the world.