I walked, hand in hand, with my dear Zechariah on this particularly perfect evening. The golden rays of the sun were fading, the cool of the evening setting in, and our puppy frolicking ahead of us. My heart rested in a happy, peaceful place.

This is home. This is life. This is abundance.

Zechariah has often said that he wants us to have an abundant life. I didn't know what he meant before, but now I do. It is joyful living, healthful living, long days of work, and nights spent starring at the stars. It's long walks, it's finding a fawn and marveling at the beauty of life, it's laughing as we play with each other, it's life.

My life isn't perfect..but I wouldn't change a thing. Abundant life to me is exactly what we are living in right now. In 20 years from now, our lives will look very different but I can guarantee that we will still be living in abundance. Because really, abundant living is more of a mindset than anything else.