Everyone is waiting for something. Waiting for a job promotion. Waiting for a husband. Waiting for a medical miracle. Waiting for a child. Waiting.

Waiting is hard. Waiting is hard because so often when we are doing it, we feel helpless. Things are out of our control and we are just...well, waiting. It's frustrating, saddening, and a bundle of other emotions.

So what's the solution? How do we get what we want? If it's a perfectly good and admirable thing to desire why does God make us wait for it so long?

Reader, I can't really give you an answer that will fill your desire. I ask God the same questions.

I believe that in this time of waiting God works on me the most. He is molding me, sometimes gently, sometimes by breaking me, but always skillfully. Questioning me. Building me. Making me into a vessel for his glory. Will I be faithful in him when I cannot see his hand working? Will I praise him when I feel the pain all to real? Will I be patient and trust in his will? Will I joyfully accept his will (even a 'no')?

Reader, I want to control God. I want to have my will. I want. He knows it. He knows who I am and the deepest parts of me. He knows my desires. The longing in my heart. He knows.

I have to come to a place of peace. I have to come to him and quiet myself.

So here I am. Waiting, quietly. Join me in waiting and trusting in his will.