Hi there everyone! 

I am so excited that the big day is finally here and we are revealing 31MOM Magazine. 

This magazine has been a dream of mine for several years and I am just so incredibly blessed by all the people who came together to make this magazine a reality. I am so thankful to what the Lord for what he has been doing in this magazine, my amazing team, and of course my husband. 

The dream for this magazine started before I been became a wife. I wanted wives and mothers to feel inspired and empowered. To savor the mundane, everyday moments, and to have enthusiasm for life. We hope to accomplish this through the amazing contributors that we have on our team. Please take a moment to head over to our contributor page and say "hi" to each of them. 

We will be hosting several exciting giveaways this month. Be on the look out to win some really neat prizes! Many of our contributors have donated to these giveaways, as well as some other really awesome women. 

If you hop on over to our Facebook and Instagram you will be able to partake in those giveaways, receive updates, and sneak peeks at the magazine. Coming out on January 9th, this magazine will be published online exclusively for 2016. 

Fun Snid-Bit: We are considering doing a printed version of this magazine. If you'd be interested in that, make sure to drop us a note. We love hearing your thoughts! 


Bethany Joy