Anne Marie Brewer  - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
She is an avid foodie, but her passion doesn't just revolve around how food tastes. She loves preparing meals where every ingredient has the purpose of maximizing the nutrition in each bite. 

Anne Marie and her husband live in Oregon, where they are raising their brood of five, off the grid in a home they build, in the foothills of Mount Hood on Azure Farm. She gets excited about all things sustainable, and considers it a worthy challenge to transition her household into what reflects that. Recycling, natural clothes, healthy interior finishes and furnishings. Considering the life cycle of materials used and how it effects our bodies, the earth, and future generations. The outward passion is only a mirror of an inward desire to grow more in tune with all things created; to love, forgive, and become one with all. She home-schools  from life examples, supports, and encourages her husband in guiding and growing Azure Standard, gardens and dreams of being a part of a world that is getting better every day.


Abigail Stelzer - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
She has a variety of hobbies and passions, among them are art, music, freedom of expression, human growth, being kind to our planet, and the healing qualities of love. She happens to be 6th out of 11 children in her family, and as such has been able to experience the joys and pains of being and oldest and youngest child. For some households learning about the balance between self-love and selflessness was an option but in their's it was a necessity. It's been an enlightening, beautiful, and sometimes out-of-control journey. She is excited to share some of her experiences and insights with you about the beauty and importance of self love. We live and we die and somewhere in-between the two we learn, love, and grow.


Allison - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
Joining us from The House of Hendrix.

Amy Roberts - Writer for 31MOM Magazine

Joining us from Raising Arrows is a Christ-follower, devoted wife, homeschooling mother of 9, blogger, conference speaker, and author. Amy inspires the hearts of weary, overwhelmed mamas across the world as she offers practical and encouraging advice to help simplify the path and enjoy the journey of homemaking, homeschooling, marriage, and mothering. 


Bethany Joy - Founder of 31MOM Magazine
She is the wife of farmer husband, Zechariah, and mother to 3 angel babies. Located on a little perch right next to Mt. Hood,  she enjoys helping her husband with his orchards and farm work, photographing their life, and helping inspire other's in abundant living. You can find her personal writings and ramblings at: Joy, Light, Life

Bekah Lynn - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
Is a spitfire wife to Jacob, and mother to Emily Constance. She is passionate about investing into the lives of others and sharing her every day mom moments, and quirky marriage tips. When Bekah isn't chasing around her little red headed baby she can often be found in front of her sewing machine, working on her newest quilt or crafty project. To follow Bekah's crafty life - find her on Instagram@simplybekah 


Cherilyn Magee - Writer for 31MOM Magazine

She is a Pastor's wife and mom to two energetic boys. She grew up in Canada and moved to the US to marry her husband, and has recently become a citizen. Amidst homeschooling and cooking for her allergy children, she finds time for her passion of photography and running Cherilyn Magee Photography.


Chad and Janice Johnson - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
Chad and Jenise Johnson still like each other..a whole lot! August 2015 celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. Eleven children have blessed their lives over that time (Chad likes to say they are all boys except for 8). Yes, you are correct...they have 8 daughters and three sons. No there are no twins, and yes, they are all theirs. They live on a 55 acre, organic farm in North Central Oregon, where they pursue adventure, growth, and learning as a family. Faith in Jesus Christ is the reason for the joy that lights their faces and gives passion to the mission they share; to impact the lives of others in the 5 areas they believe matter most in live. 
1. Relationship with God through faith in Jesus, sharing the power of Christ for salvation. 2. Building rich, real, romantic marriage and equipping other couples to pursue the same. 3. Investing in the deep, meaningful, knowing of each of their children, encouraging parents along the way. 4. Keeping fit and healthy, body, mind, and spirit, and empower others in health. 5. Using their God given talents to serve, earn, and minister. By day, Chad is an entrepreneur and business coach, Jenise is a singing, homeschooling mother of many. 


Franicia White - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
She is a follower of Jesus, homemaker, homeschooling mother, award-winning writer, speaker, and coach. She blogs at their family website, a site that aims at encouraging others in living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle through physical and spiritual means. She has authored a number of children's books and is working on publishing non-fiction books on natural childbirth, cooking healthy food, teaching children, marriage relationships, and more with her husband Timothy. Franicia and her husband live in Chattanooga, TN and have seven children. 


Heidi Grace - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
Up until May of 2015 she was known as Heidi Young, at which time she married the love of her life, Zephaniah! That being said, lets step back in time a little. She grew up in a little valley in North Idaho, with her family. She has 5 brothers and 3 sisters. They loved going on adventures, and working on their little ranch. In her late teens, she started on her midwifery journey; she was inspired by a love and passion for home births, and the nurturing of mothers, and babies! She attended a school of midwifery (Mercy In Action), and then began apprenticing with midwives. This continued until she married Zeph. She is now experiencing pregnancy for herself, as they are expecting their first baby in May 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.05.55 PM.png

Mrs. Joseph Wood - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
Jeanette has a passion to encourage women through the sharing of real life, everyday moments. Sharing glimpses into her life on the topics that matter most to her; marriage, family, adoption, special needs parenting, homeschooling, and thriving physically and spiritually as women. 
She enjoys playing her cello, reading, writing, and living a small homestead lifestyle, including the making of cheese when she has extra time. Jeanette is the mother of 11 children and a grandmother to three little ones so far. 


Stephanie Engell - Writer for 31MOM Magazine Lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband Caleb and their daughter Ella. She loves being a wife, and now - a new mom. Stephanie enjoys gardening, painting, the outdoors, experimenting with herbal remedies, decorating, and reading. She is excited about the ways God is growing and stretching her as she adjusts to her new roles as wife and mother. 


Kelly - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
Joining us from iBloom

Linda Sears - Writer at 31MOM Magazine She is a stay-at-home wife of 30+ years, mother to 8 (ages 9 to 29), mother-in-law to 3, and doting grandmother to 7 (so far). She and her husband have been homeschooling for 25 years, graduating 4 pf their brood with 4 more to go. You'll find her at Apron Strings & Other Things where she shares tales, tricks, and tips from her days of raising children, all in the various stages of cutting those apron strings. You can  also find her on FacebookPinterest, and Google+.


Miranda Wood - Editor for 31MOM Magazine

She's been married four years to the love of her life and following him around the country ever since. They have two amazing sons. The three year old is full of adventure, curiosity, and laughter. They're six month old is honrey, quick, and never stops smiling. They love the Lord  and are daily amazed with His goodness. She loves being outdoors, traveling, healthy living, trying new things, and EDITING! 

mandy kelly .jpg

Mandy Kelly - Writer for 31MOM Magazine

She is passionate about two things: The Word of God and the Souls of Men (and Ladies!). She is a married to her best friend, and gets the privilege to love on their three blessings (who lost their biological momma leaving her husband widowed). She loves that the Lord has let her life be an example of delighting in Him and watching Him mold her life to make her desires match His. She spent 9 years in an early childhood classroom, and 4 years in an “in house” seminary program at her home church. She loves to bring God glory through her roles as Christ-follower, Wife and Mother (in that order!) She enjoys women’s ministry, cooking, crafting, and traveling the world. Mandy is also passionate about Adoption and helping women with Infertility- as both are areas God has trusted her with. Her greatest desires are to have her marriage bring God ultimate glory, see her children walk in truth, to lead others to the feet of Jesus, and to lead women into deeper and intimate relationship with their Savior through study of the Word of God. You can find Mandy writing at Worshipful Living blog and socializing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Periscope.

Kimberly Stelzer - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
For the past 29 years she has been married to David, the love of her life and CEO of Azure Standard. Together they are still enjoying the awesome privilege of raising their 11 children on a spacious farm in Dufur, Oregon. It has been a joy to gain two beautiful daughters and an innovative son through the marriages of their oldest three. One year old grand-daughter Evangeline is their daily sunshine. With a large family she is blessed to have gained wisdom through experience in home remedies, and loves sharing with friends and family any tip that may help encourage or ease a burden. Other passions include: homeschooling, nurturing friendships with her children, and being a cheerleader to her husband as he promotes healthy and abundant living daily. 


Angela Coffman - Writer for 31MOM Magazine

She is a mom of 6, known for doing a lot with a little money. She writes about reaching financial goals by eliminating waste in everyday spending. Find her at: The Grocery Shrink 


Connie Renfro - Editor
She is the wife of Richard, mother to two children, grandmother to thirteen, and great grandmother to three. She has a love for her Lord and her family. Sharing recipes, laughter, and the Word with those around her. 

Cyndi Sell - Writer for 31MOM Magazine

is a holistic herbalist with training in clinical and master herbalism. She tends to practice in the ancient traditional (folksy)methods with knowledge and resources in evidence based ways.  Cyndi feels lifestyle and nutrition play a very important part in good health. She offers several types of consultations along with fun and informative workshops and classes.

She loves to garden and has many herbs growing that she harvests and uses in her kitchen and specialty products. Along with that she loves anything to do with home and loves to sew . She has been married to her steady, hardworking, husband for almost 34 years, has three amazing grown kids and two of the best grandkids around.  She can be contacted at


Christen - Writer for 31MOM Magazine

She is creative mess. With her gentle yet passionate voice, Christen encourages you to celebrate each day through pictures, podcasts, and printables. Her heart is for creating community and she invites you to visit her website and shop at Christen has served as the Women's Ministry Director at her church and as a contributor to The M.O.M. Initiative. She and her husband, Raleigh, are the parents of three and live in the countryside of lower Alabama. For life between the posts, connect with her on Facebook, or on Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, and Twitter @chris10price. 

Honey Rowland - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
She is a blunt redhead gone grey and/or crazy while homeschooling 3 kiddo activist, and while building and living in a tiny home on a working farm. The jury's still out on which caused what but a passion for rainbows, self-sufficiency, and natural, special needs parenting has firmly clouded the results in mud and fairy dust. Hang around long enough and you're going to witness a face plant in the poo as we go skippin' through the wildflowers but it's okay 'cause it's organic, pastured poo! Search for Honey Rowland on your favorite social site or read more at Honey's Life

jen hoskins.jpg

Jen Hoskins - Writer for 31MOM Magazine

She is half of the Keepin' it real duo that makes up Planet Mommyhood on YouTube. She is a wife, mom of 8 and, most importantly, daughter of the Great King. She is passionate about pushing people out of their comfort zones, serving Jesus in all she does, laughing, and cheese. 

Jaqueline - Writer for 31MOM Magazine 

She's 28 and a child of the King! She was raised in a Christian family and is doing her best to raise her 3 daughter's with similar values, morals, and beliefs. She and her husband have been married for 6.5 years now and they have a 5.5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 6 month old. All girls! They fell in love and got married young. The Lord blessed them immediately with young ;-) She is a wedding and lifestyle photographer at Mae Rain Photo. She absolutely loves capturing the everyday. She has a passion to grow and challenge herself, but she struggles with demons of her own that she hands over to the Lord daily. She lies on grace and abides in the One who is in control of all. 

She is super excited to be apart of this community and looks forward to connecting with you! Connect with her on her website or on Facebook


Jax Kohlt - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
She is the proud wife of James and mom of one amazing daughter, Rivers. She grew up in The Columbia River Gorge, aka Hood River baby, and enjoys all the adventures the gorge has to offer. She is extremely passionate for hair and creating a look that is perfect for you. She has the privilege to work at Salon Visio in Hood River with the best of collages, who she feels are family. She loves creating new looks for her fabulous guests and volunteering at different activities such as the high school's plays, and fashion shows, where she gets to express her creativity and love for hair. When she isn;t working, she greatly enjoys exploring the gorge with her family and friends, whether it is in the water, on the trails, or on her bike. She cannot wait to share her passion with you!


Kathryn Johnson - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
A hopeless idealist and health enthusiast, Kathryn's passions include writing, fulfilling her duties as the eldest of eleven children, sports, Jesus, and eating vinegar chips (although not necessarily in that order). From an early age, Kathryn's active parents instilled in her the mindset that health is a lifestyle. Since running her first half marathon at eleven years old, she has encouraged others to live healthy active lives through coaching volleyball, leading by example, and promoting a vibrant health and wellness club with her family. You can often find her blogging over at The Kathryn Joy, sharing her testimony of sickness to strength with Neolife club members, or going for a run on Bend, Oregon's gorgeous mountain trails. 


Lauren Berkompas - Writer for 31MOM Magazine  
Joining us from Penny For Your Dreams. She is the happy wife to her best friend Benj, and a grateful follower of Jesus Christ. She;s a homemaker, photographer, and sunset chaser who loves learning about everything from food and holistic living, to decor and do-it-yourself projects. She hopes to encourage others to love and serve Jesus more through her writing and her life. Lauren blogs at a Penny for Your Dreams, where she shares her family's adventures through photos and writers about their journey to live well on less. You can also find her on Instagram @laurenberkompas. 

Michelle Marine - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
She is a busy work at home, homeschooling mom of four kids, passionate about organic gardening, backyard chickens, and sustainable living. After traveling the world with her active duty Air Force husband for ten years, they gave up the security of military life and became self-employed in rural Eastern Iowa. Michelle blogs at SimplifyLiveLove, a lifestyle blog, where she shares tips, tricks, and recipes for living a simple and green life, and encourages parents to make the most of what they have. 


Sera Johnson - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
She is a wife, 10 year homeschool mother of four (ages 18, 15, 10, and 8), found of Choosing Healthy Life, Inc., co-author of award winning nutrition and health curriculum "Nutrition 101: Choose Life!", international conference speaker, and natural wellness and essential oils educator. As the self-proclaimed "Former Fast Food Queen", she loves to share tips on how to help picky eaters love God's food, how to eat healthy while traveling, and how to leave a legacy of healthy generations. 

Sera loves music, praise and worship, teaching Bible studies, photography, designing her family's dream home they are building in Texas, traveling the world with her family of six, and finding farm to table restaurants across the U.S. (yes, she is definitely a foodie and loves Brussels sprouts and shishito peppers). 

Sera's biggest passion is empowering people to dream big and grasp ahold of God's wellness, purpose, and abundance for every area of their life.

Sarah Isitt - Writer for 31MOM Magazine
She is in love with her energetic and dynamic husband, Joseph, and rainbow baby Evangeline. Along with her family, her passions for a healthy lifestyle include gardening, reading, organizing, nature, and sailing with Joe. Sarah also manages a vegetable start company in the spring. When it comes to life, she'll tell you there's only two choices: love or fear. Listen to your heart and let God inside. 


Surprise Guest Writer - this writer may change throughout the year and you never know who will be popping up in our magazine next!